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About Inkster

Few Years of long-lasting success and quality teaching for Design Entrance Exams

Inkster is run by a group of successful IITians, architects, Designers and Artists themselves who are now willing to carve other aspirants into a fine Architect, Design, Artist, Fashion designer using the knowledge, mentoring, and creativity they have mastered over the years. We take pride in carrying the huge bags of success stories of students who have built their careers in various design institutes through our design coaching centre.
Since a decade
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Things you should know About us

Creativity and Comfort

Our classrooms are made keeping you in mind. We are home for the art and design students who want to make a career out of their creative minds. We'll help you find like-minded people to compete, learn from and bloom your creativity. The skills you learn here will not only help you clear the design entrance exams but will serve you in the long run.

Hardworking and Passionate

We believe hard work never goes out of style. We put 100% effort into shaping each and every student who walks into our institute. When passionate about something, nothing can bring you down. Not just our students, our teachers are as passionate as you.

We have high-quality staffs

We strive harder to keep up the quality you are looking for. Your success attracts an opportunity for us to grow one step higher.

Personal care yields the best results

We pay personal attention to every student. We understand that every person learns at his own pace which is why we change our teaching techniques accordingly. This indeed has helped all our students score the best results possible.

Our stories

Every story needs a good editing. At Inkster, we serve as a helping hand to edit your stories better by walking an extra mile to reach the ending you chose from one of our courses. Yes, you read that right. We are willing to step ahead with our students to see them perform at their best with the years of experience, knowledge and art we carry since its inception.


We organize a stack of design related books and study materials for all the bookaholics out there.


We conduct workshops that will help our students explore more details about crafts, art, design and other artists and expert works.


We hoard a wide range of knowledge that only experience can buy. Our faculties are willing to teach the skills they have possessed over the years.


You will have a mentor ready to guide you with their knowledge, skills, and experience at any point to help you progress in life and career.